Brady Hoke Becomes The New Football Coach At Michigan

As the book on the 2010-2011 males's basketball season is bound and shelved, the impact of this years NCAA tournament is yet to be completely comprehended. To paraphrase Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction, this doesn't just happen. After all the hand-wringing over which non-Big 6 groups were unworthy of remaining in the dance, that half of the Last Four individuals came from outside the Big-Six speaks volumes about the parity that exists in college basketball.

And with the NCAA shortening the time a group can get its regular season finished-the regular season utilized to begin at the beginning of February, now it begins at the end of the month-there is no time for makeup dates.

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The Aztecs, 22-23 total and 12-10 Bonuses in the Mountain West, are now simply two games ahead of the Wolf Load (23-22, 10-12) with eight league games to play. UNLV, which beat Fresno State 4-1 on Friday, is tied with the Aztecs for second at 29-16, 12-10. New Mexico, 11-10 winners over Flying force on Friday, comfortably leads the conference at 28-17, 18-4. Fresno State (15-28, 9-13) and Flying Force (13-31, 5-17) route the Pack.

The story: The school that made Larry Bird well-known was chosen to complete seventh in the MVC, however Lansing got a team with no stars into the NCAAs for the very first time in 10 years. Last season's 17-15 mark was the Sycamores' very first winning season since 2001.

The story: A decent team in the ACC, however only due to the fact that it was a down year in the conference. This is not a great shooting team, however it's an exceptional protective team. Unfortunately, good shooting is more crucial than good defense in the postseason.

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